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Mandatory Pilot Retirement Age Coming Fast? Get a Plan from a Pilot Specialist

Whether retirement is 5 years away or 15, it’s time to plan NOW.

Are you nearing the end of your aviation career? You may not be ready to take off your epaulettes quite so soon, but the FAA currently mandates all airline pilots retire at the age of 65. Are you financially ready to make the transition?

We are airline pilot specialists!

The planners at Leading Edge have years of experience helping pilots from all of the major U.S. airlines grow and protect wealth so they can have as much fun in retirement as they did flying airplanes! In this video, Charlie Mattingly, Principal, CFP®, MBA and fellow airline pilot describes the value Leading Edge can bring to your financial plan.

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Here are the topics broken down by time marker:

00:04  How does Leading Edge Financial Planning help people execute on plans?
00:36  Why is it a good time to invest TODAY vs waiting?
01:12  Leading Edge helps determine if a second business or real estate is a good idea.
02:33  How can Leading Edge help lessen financial emotion?
03:46  Why should a pilot choose Leading Edge?
04:59  Worst and best financial analogies with flying. (Just for fun!)

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