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Commercial Pilots

We help pilots create, grow and protect wealth so they can have as much fun in retirement as they did flying airplanes!

We are uniquely positioned to help you navigate the challenges
of your profession because we face the same challenges.

Our experienced professionals help commercial pilots navigate the unique challenges of their professional and personal lives. Three of our financial planners are commercial pilots who provide insight into the lifestyle, income and career path obstacles you face in achieving your financial goals. Your financial plan is designed with the following challenges in mind:

Uncertain Industry

The industry uncertainty facing pilots makes it absolutely vital to have a financial plan in place. We help you plan for multiple scenarios by implementing tax-efficient investment and asset protection strategies in order to provide you with the confidence of knowing your family has planned for the unexpected.

Mandatory Retirement

With a mandatory retirement age of 65, you don’t have the option of extending your career if you realize too late that you haven’t saved enough. We focus on accelerating your retirement savings with this end date in mind. Our goal is to help you establish a lifetime income stream to support your desired lifestyle in retirement and provide a financial legacy for those who matter most.

Medical Certification Requirements

You may face losing your job if you are diagnosed with a disqualifying medical condition during your annual FAA medical examination. Unfortunately, disqualifying conditions occur frequently and often catch pilots unprepared. We offer solutions to support your family in the event of an unexpected medical condition.

High Income

High-income earners have unique financial considerations related to tax planning, estate planning, saving and investing. We help maximize your savings and investments while considering how any decisions impact your tax and estate planning. Our goal is to help you maintain your desired lifestyle, both today and long into the future.

Limited Time

You spend much of your time in the air and away from family and friends. This makes your time with loved ones a precious commodity. Don’t waste it worrying about your finances. Let Leading Edge Financial Planning serve as your partner in planning for your financial future.