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Why Not Buy Individual Stocks?

So, you want to be a stock picker? This video may make you think twice. There are stories of someone getting lucky with a homerun stock return but it’s rare.  (More than 50% of stocks do not beat their market). Kevin explains why it’s so difficult to successfully invest in individual stocks and the effect of skew. He also examines the history of investment returns when owning the top 5 stocks individually versus owning those stocks within a diversified portfolio.  The information may surprise you!

Explaining Skewness (from
– Skewness, in statistics, is the degree of distortion from the symmetrical bell curve in a probability distribution.
– Distributions can exhibit right (positive) skewness or left (negative) skewness to varying degrees.
– Investors note skewness when judging a return distribution because it, like kurtosis, considers the extremes of the data set rather than focusing solely on the average.

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