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Flight #67: Marriage and Money: Navigating Financial Harmony

Discover the secrets to a harmonious marriage and a prosperous financial life in this engaging panel discussion. Join us as we sit down with our team members at Leading Edge Planning, including Betsy Wheeler, Paraplanner, Kevin Gormley, Principal, Jon Cremer, Financial Advisor, and Nolan Clark, Paraplanner, to explore the intricate relationship between marriage and money.

Listen in to learn about the common causes of financial disputes in couples, as well as how to navigate opposing spending habits. You’ll gain insights into the importance of understanding your partner’s financial background and the significance of setting and sharing goals. We’ll also discuss the role of designated date nights, the art of compromise, and the liberating nature of a well-crafted spending plan.

What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

  • The importance of tracking your spending
  • How to create a spending plan.
  • The importance of understanding where your partner’s habits come from.
  • Why you must have open communication around financial goals.
  • How to let the little details go in marriage money conversations.
  • The benefit of designating a night for date night.

Ideas Worth Sharing:

  • “The ultimate goal should be to spend less than you make.” – Nolan Clark
  • “Before you ever have the budget discussion in your marriage, have the discussion about goals. A good idea of where we’re heading to is vastly more important than how much we can spend at Starbucks.” – Jon Cremer
  • “Your spending reflects what is important to your family. So, start with your values and start with those goals and then work backward.” – Charlie Mattingly

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